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Or, an examination of the peculiarities of this world.

Part the First: Psynergy and Alchemy )

Part the Second: The Seal )

Part the Third: The Djinn and other spirits )

This is currently a work in progress.
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It was done. Yes, Saturos and Menardi were gone, but Venus Lighthouse had been lit, the Jupiter and Mars Stars were accounted for, and Felix and Sheba were unharmed.

With a brilliant flash of light and Earth energy, the Venus Beacon finally appeared above the Aerie. The ground began to shake. Felix was able to keep his balance, his Psynergy warning him of what the Lighthouse's power was doing.

It did not immediately occur to him that not everyone had that advantage.
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It was a fierce battle. The aerie was large enough that Felix and Sheba were able to stay out of danger and avoid visibly taking sides. At last Saturos and Menardi slumped together, exhausted and wounded, very close to the beacon's opening.

"We did it! We beat 'em!" Garet exulted.

Mia sighed with relief. "All right! Come on, Sheba!" she called.

What? No! Felix couldn't let them kidnap her too! Especially if he needed her for Jupiter Lighthouse - but even if not, he'd made a promise. He stepped in front of Sheba so none of Isaac's group could grab her.

"Felix? What are you doing?" asked Ivan.

"I can't let you take Sheba," he answered.

"What?" asked Garet. "But we just saved you!"

Felix sighed. "I told you, I did not need saving."

Mia seemed concerned. "Felix, you're not one of them. You're free to go. Why are you doing this?"

Felix studied their faces for a long moment. Would they accept the truth? Garet wouldn't, not now... probably not Mia either, from what Alex had said. The others he wasn't as sure about, but... "The other beacons must still be lit."

Ivan started. "You're going to light the beacons?"

"I can't let you do that," added Isaac, his gaze sharpening.

"I thought you might say that. But I will do it anyway," said Felix.

Garet paused, thinking. "If he wants to light the beacons, then that makes him our enemy, right?"

"It doesn't matter what you think of me. I will do what must be done," Felix interrupted, keeping his voice steady with an effort. Isaac and his friends had just defeated Saturos and Menardi; there was no way Felix could stand against them on his own. But he'd try if he had to.

As if on cue, Saturos spoke up haltingly. "I hope... you don't think... you've finished us off." He and Menardi got to their feet.

Mia shook her head. "You may not be dead, but you can hardly stand."

"Right now, yes," huffed Menardi. "But we'll be back on our feet... as soon as..."

Saturos stopped her with a hand on her arm, then threw something into the opening. "Was that the Elemental Star?" gasped Ivan.

Mia shook her head. "We couldn't stop them from lighting the second beacon," she muttered.

Felix could feel the Lighthouse gaining strength. Saturos smiled, already visibly recovered thanks to the increasing Earth energies. "That's not all. The energy of this beacon is restoring our power."

"How can it do that?" asked Garet. "I thought this was the Venus Lighthouse - for the element of Earth!" Isaac nodded.

Felix sighed. Didn't they pay any attention? Before he had a chance to say anything, though, the Lighthouse's energy peaked and a brilliant flash of yellow light burst from the opening. Felix was overcome by the sensation of earth - supporting, holding, grinding, cracking...
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At that moment, Isaac and his group reached the top of the Aerie. "Isaac..." said Felix warningly.

Saturos and Menardi turned to face the newcomers. "So! You've come to stop us?" Saturos asked.

"You see what your defiance has brought us, Felix?" accused Menardi.

Felix cut her off. "I don't need to be rescued, Isaac. Just wait, and you can see the power of this beacon's light!" Turning to Saturos, he added, "Now, will you let Sheba go?"

"Silence!" roared Saturos. "You'd best step carefully, Felix, or the both of you will suffer."

The Water Adept with Isaac - Mia, Felix thought her name might be - whispered something to Ivan, next to her. He nodded and called out, "We won't let you lay a hand on Sheba - or Felix!"

Menardi arched an eyebrow, clearly considering that. "So you're worried about her too, are you?"

Saturos smirked. "Don't worry. We won't hurt her... if you meet our conditions."

Menardi shot him a glance. "What are you doing, Saturos?" she asked under her breath.

"Leave this to me," he muttered back. Turning to Sheba, he called, "Sheba! Do you remember the rod connected to Hesperia?"

Alarmed, Sheba tried to remember. "The... Rod of Hesperia?"

"The rod we need to reach Jupiter Lighthouse!" Saturos snapped, clearly annoyed.

Eyes wide, Sheba nodded. "Ye-yes..." she answered in a small voice.

Gesturing to Isaac and his friends, Saturos said "These people have a rod. Is it the one?"

Sheba moved forward, only to be stopped by Menardi's sharp "Can't you do it from where you are?" She nodded nervously and started her Psynergy. Felix couldn't tell exactly what she was doing, though he guessed it had something to do with Mind Read.

She kept it up longer than Felix expected. Longer than the Proxians had expected, too, it seemed; she only stopped at Saturos' "Well?"

"It... might be..." offered Sheba tentatively.

Saturos frowned. "It 'might be'? Don't you know?"

That, Felix decided, was enough. "Don't yell at her!" he shouted, stepping between them.

"We're not yelling," hissed Menardi. "We just want a straight answer. So, Sheba...?"

"Their minds are veiled," the Wind Adept explained, "I cannot tell for certain, but... I think it's the rod."

The Proxians conferred quietly for a moment. Then Saturos addressed Isaac's group. "Do you know the terms we will require before we agree not to harm Sheba?"

Isaac nodded, scowling. "You want Ivan's rod."

"Ah, you're smarter than I thought. Yes, give us the Shaman's Rod and Sheba will not be harmed. Do you accept?"

Isaac nodded again, almost without hesitation. "If it'll save Sheba, you can have it."

"What?" asked Garet. "That's Master Hammet's! He trusted it to you, Ivan!"

Menardi looked at him oddly. "Don't you care what happens to Sheba?"

At Garet's hesitant nod, Saturos snarled, "Then you will give us the rod!"

Garet backed off, scowling furiously, and Isaac held out the rod in question. "Go get it, Felix," said Saturos.

Felix started. "Me?" Right after all that?

"You are still loyal to us, aren't you?" asked Saturos archly.

"Go on, Felix," added Menardi.

Felix sighed, but walked over to Isaac and took the rod. He tried to give him a look, to say 'You don't need to do this,' but he had no idea if Isaac got the message. He tried to hand it off to Saturos, but was waved off. "Keep it safe," the Proxian told him. Felix shrugged and returned to the other side of the aerie.

Sheba started to head toward Isaac's group, but stopped at Menardi's barked "Where do you think you're going?"

Mia turned to Menardi. "We gave you the rod, so now you're letting Sheba go, right?"

"Whatever do you mean?" asked Saturos, sounding all innocence.

"You said you'd free Sheba if we gave you the rod," reminded Ivan.

Saturos laughed. "You seem to have misunderstood. I said we wouldn't harm her... but I never said we'd let her go!"

Felix wasn't happy to hear that, but before he could say anything Garet burst out, "You're changing the deal?"

"Not at all," said Menardi lightly. "It's not our fault if you misinterpreted the terms!"

"Besides, if we were to release Sheba... she'd be in quite a fix," Saturos added.

"What do you mean?" asked Mia.

Menardi shook her head. "You don't expect her to get back to Lalivero on her own, do you?"

Puzzled, Ivan answered, "What do you mean? We're going to take... her... oh."

"Exactly," said Saturos with a smirk. "You won't be going back at all."

Garet pulled out his axe. "You're the ones who aren't going anywhere!" he bellowed.

"Bring it on, whelp!" Saturos retorted, his sword seeming to appear in his hand. "You won't live long enough to regret your stupidity!"

"Prepare to experience firsthand the power of a master Fire Adept," growled Menardi, already swinging her scythe.
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Felix felt, from time to time, as if the Lighthouse were helping him get up. He never encountered any monsters on the ascent, and more than once a path was open that, he was sure, should have required Psynergy to get to. He didn't worry about it very much; he wanted to get to the top, and if the Lighthouse wanted to help, so much the better.

On top of Old Smokey... )
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"...which should make the vortex collapse," finishes Felix.

The people he's talking to stir. "So what's the problem?" asks Mia.

The problem. )
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The door from Milliways opens into a small room. )
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Felix, as has been established, is about to plunge into the unexplored depths of Sol Sanctum in a search for ancient secrets that may save his world - or may, once again, doom it. But that's a concern for after they're found.

There's basically no way to run this the way his canon would; even if people with access to magic had signed up, the text-based nature of LJ, combined with my own limitations art-wise, make most of the types of puzzles Golden Sun uses unfeasible.

So what I'm thinking currently is as follows: )
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Found a hole in the world. Seemed to be sucking in Alchemy. Felt dangerous. What do you know?
That doesn't sound familiar. Can you tell me anything more? Where is it?
About 10 miles ENE from Kolima. In a clearing, no obvious effect on local plants. Slightly low animal/monster presence. About two feet in diameter. No obvious means of support.
I'll take a look. Would you go to Tolbi, in case I want something looked up in Lord Babi's Alchemy library?
On my way. Take care.
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In the darkness, underground, a meter takes its measurement. A threshold is reached, and a message is sent to a control center.

The time has come. Commands are produced, and engines begin to turn over. For the first time in millennia, the machine is operating.

The light is sufficient for the shadow, so the shadow is brought.
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The landscape, one might notice, is quite unusual.

In one direction, it's quite normal, for snowy tundra areas. Some mountains, a few trees, occasional signs of animal life. Nothing particularly unusual, except for a red glow in the sky in a completely different direction than the sun.

Then, on looking around a little more, it looks like some of the near mountain faces are... oddly flat. Almost vertical, some of them.

A little more examination shows that this is just the most obvious marker of a very flat strip of land. Apart from snowdrifts, this area seems to be perfectly level.

But, of course, one cannot notice the flat strip without seeing what lies beyond it - an utter void. This side has no mountains, no plants or animals - not even any ground, just an upsetting emptiness. A person looking into it hard enough might think he saw strange, purplish-green sparks arcing through it, but those are even more disturbing somehow. The whole thing practically screams 'stay away'.
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As a mun of a Golden Sun character, I am sometimes annoyed by the apparent lack of canonmates on Livejournal, particularly when there seems to be a glut of characters from Final Fantasy 7 or the latest hot TV show. As such, I have done searches a few times to see whom I could find, and this seems like a good place to keep the information together. Note that this is only a list of the Livejournal usernames of Golden Sun characters, with no reference to muns or games. Will be added to as I become aware of others.

Who've we got here? )
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Felix sees a realm full of grey mist.

He hears a sound behind him, and turns around. There is Sheba, just as he remembers her - but more, somehow. More complete, more Jupiter, more Sheba, than ever before; no longer the little girl she was in so many ways.

She opens her mouth, and begins to sing.

"How could I know I would have to leave you?
How could I know I would hurt you so?
You were the one I was born to love,
Oh, how could I ever know?
How could I ever know?"

"Sheba, I never -" he begins, but she cuts him off with an upraised hand.

"How can I say to go on without me?
How when I know you still need me so?
How can I say not to dream about me?
How could I ever know?
How could I ever know?" she continues.

"Forgive me, can you forgive me?
And hold me in your heart -
And find some new way to love me
Now that we're apart." Although she doesn't move, she seems to be more distant now, her hands on her chest.

"How could I know I would never hold you;
Never again in this world, but oh," she raises her arms as her hair and clothes move, although Felix doesn't feel any wind.
"Sure as you breathe I am there inside you
How could I ever know?
How could I ever know?"

She steps back, and gestures to Felix. Somehow, he knows that he needs to sing, and what words.

"How can I hope to go on without you?
How can I know where you'd have me go?
How can I bear not to dream about you?
How can I let you go?" His voice nearly cracks on the last word; how could he let go of her, of the memory of the pair of them?

"How could I ever know?" she returns, gently.

Felix tries a different tack.

"All I need -" he starts, but Sheba - still gentle, but also forceful - interrupts "- is there with our people." He knows what she means: the children he teaches, the crises he averts. Nevertheless, he continues:
"All I would ask -" Again he is cut off, and she finishes for him "- is care for the world that I loved."

She continues, "Come, go with me, safe I will keep you."

Giving in, he answers, "Where you would lead me, there I would-"

Smiling, she begins to sing at the same time - not interrupting, but joining: "There I would; there we would; there we will go!"

Somehow, by this point, they were holding each other's hands, crying but still singing. "How could I know?
Tell me, how could I know?
Ever to know you will never leave me -
How could we ever know?
How could we know?
How could I ever know?"

As the last note fades, Sheba begins to disappear as well. Felix reaches out, but she is gone. Felix is left with only her voice. "Felix... Don't live for me... Live for the world... For Alchemy..."
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It's over. She's gone. There's no reason to stay.

And yet, where would he go that wouldn't remind him of her?

But he's been in and around Vale too long already. He can't settle. The world needs him.

Above all, he can't stop. The world needs him. Perhaps not as much as it did five years ago, but it needs him.

He stands in the pass that leads to... whatever Mount Aleph has become. If he remembers right, the Boulder that marked the official boundary used to be right there. From here, he can see most of the village - but not the house where she spent her last weeks, nor the field where they buried her trapped her.

And yet, he thinks he can hear her here, feel her here. Feel her telling him to go, to be free...
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All he could think was I wasn't there, I wasn't there.

He'd told her he'd be by her side, and he wasn't. And now he couldn't be.

She was gone, they were putting her in the ground No, don't do that, she needs the wind wants the sky must have the air and there was nothing he could do. Nothing he'd been able to do...

But he should have tried. When had he let impossibility stop him? He stepped forward -

No, he didn't. The others were holding him back. Didn't they understand? He'd promised to be with her. He wanted to explain, but this was a funeral, you didn't talk at funerals.

And then she was gone, and for all the people around he was alone. Completely alone.


In the end I want to be standing
At the beginning with you.
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It wasn't the first time they'd been to the edge of the world, but it was the first time since Alchemy had been restored. Sheba was curious to see what it looked like over the edge, again, and to see if anything had changed.

This time, though, Felix was a great deal less nervous about it.

Once Sheba started to lean over the edge, she suddenly jerked to a stop. She looked around, noticed the giant Psynergetic hand holding her cape, and saw Felix sitting a short distance away with the barest hint of a smile, holding Isaac's Catch Beads.

It was then that Felix started to become worried, as he, in turn, saw Sheba's face take on an impish grin. In a quick movement she wriggled out of her cape and hopped along the edge to a spot out of range of the beads.

Faster than he had ever moved before, Felix rushed to her side and physically grabbed her arm. He didn't like the edge, didn't like being so close to nothing - but there was no way on or off the face of the planet that he'd let that nothing swallow Sheba.


I'll be there when the storm is through!