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Name:Felix of Vale
Birthdate:Jun 26
Felix is a Venus Adept (controller of earth magic, or "Psynergy"). He originally comes from Vale, in central Angara, in the world of Weyard. At approximately the age of fifteen he was taken to the far northern town of Prox by Mars Adepts Saturos and Menardi. He is fairly tall with long, brown hair that is frequently bound in a ponytail. His Psynergy powers include (but are not limited to) small earthquakes, gigantic flaming swords, temporary rents in the ground, and healing of individual teammates.

At [community profile] milliways_bar, Felix enters from two points in his history. In-canon!Felix comes from during the games, and is currently on Venus Lighthouse. Late!Felix comes from several years after the rise of the Golden Sun, and may be from any point on Weyard.

Both versions may be accompanied by several small brown creatures called Djinn (singular Djinni), usually of the Venus (earth) variety. (He may occasionally have one or more of a different element, but this will be rare.) These can manifest as their brown selves (see "djinni" userpic) or as yellow spheres of light. All Djinn are intelligent and can communicate in nearly any language, although they don't often choose to. They're practically impossible to offend. The following are the names, abilities, and Millicanon information about each of the canonical Djinn:
...Echo: Attack with a double strike
.......Echo has been established as male. He is the leader of Felix's Djinn, but will defer to Flint if the latter is around. Both Felix and Flint are aware of this. Echo has functioned as a storyteller and can repeat any sound he hears. His personality is the most like Felix's.
...Iron: Bolster the party's Defense
.......Iron has been established as female. Her voice is slightly higher-pitched than Echo's, and contains hints of metallic ringing. She tends to be rather light-hearted and somewhat indecisive.
...Steel: Siphon a foe's HP with a kiss
.......Steel's gender has not been decided. Steel is the philosophical Djinni, and the most likely to quote aphorisms. Steel's voice is slightly raspy. Steel will often pursue an argument long after the other party has lost interest and grown frustrated.
...Mud: Slow a foe with sticky mud
.......Mud's gender has not been decided. Mud appears to have no particular aversion to heights, and thus far appears to be slightly British. Mud speaks more slowly than the others.
...Flower: Refresh allies and restore HP
.......Flower's gender has not been decided. Flower is usually the calmest of the Djinn, and is more interested in current affairs than in history.
...Meld: Launch a powerful team strike
.......Meld's gender has not been decided. Meld appears to enjoy high places, such as rafters. Meld tends to use longer words; the reasons have not been made clear.
...Petra: Turn a foe to stone
.......Please note that this battle ability is not to be taken literally; Petra merely prevents the foe from moving for the remainder of the turn. Petra's gender has not been decided. Petra speaks with "more low crack and bang" than the others.
...Salt: Restore allies' status to normal
.......Salt has been established as male. He is implied to be very unassuming and harmless. He has not spoken in any human language, so nothing of his voice is known.
...Crystal: Restore HP to all allies
.......Crystal has been established as female. She is the perceptive one. This means that she will often know more about your character or situation than has been stated. However, Crystal is not omniscient; only very rarely will she know more than I do. For instance, if Crystal sees a gun, she will recognize it as such, but may assume it to be a flintlock. On the other hand, if a character Crystal meets was directly involved in the creation of a world, or has a very close relationship (sibling, child, lover, etc.) with such a creator, she will always recognize them as "of the Music".

Late!Felix has one possession that he prizes above all others: the Sol Blade. This is a large sword that seems to have been made for Felix. It does not allow anyone without earth-based powers to wield it, and it perfectly fits Felix's hand and his style. It can sometimes call an enormous meteor to strike Felix's opponent.

Words in double colons, ::Like this,:: indicate telepathy, almost exclusively between Felix and his Djinn. As he's never had reason or opportunity to learn to shield it, anyone sensitive to such things should be able to "overhear" it.

In-canon: Felix is eighteen years old. He is more reserved and serious than Early!Felix. He has a simple sword, but can't use it very well. He can perform low-level healing reliably, and move man-sized objects without touching them. He can also return to the place where he entered an area without passing through the intervening space again, and cause small earthquakes.

Late: Felix is twenty-eight years old. He has been wandering the world taking various jobs for some time. He will always have the Sol Blade, and usually some variety of powerful armor, although due to the nature of his world the armor is not evident. Depending on circumstances, he may or may not have various items that allow him to perform specific Psynergies. He might bring up to twelve Djinn - the nine noted above, as well as Opal (Distract an opponent), Ore (Redirects an attack to another combatant), and Clover (Increase allies' luck).
  • Late!Felix has command of Venus Alchemy, which allows him great control over ordinary rock and dirt, and some command of extraordinary things (worked metal, concrete, etc.).
  • He can sense active power, and to a lesser degree latent or potential power, although unless it's strong he's not likely to notice unless he concentrates.
  • He can turn himself into a pile of sand, although unless he's on a sandy surface he'll almost instantly revert to human shape; said pile takes on the characteristics of the surrounding sand but is a discrete unit. The pile is about two feet across and eight inches high at the highest point, with a distinct front and back. In sand form Felix can move with complete freedom in sand, has omnidirectional black-and-white vision, and is highly resistant to damage.
  • He can turn himself into a boulder of about his usual volume; he defaults to a squarish piece of granite, but can be any kind of stone and any reasonable natural shape. While in rock form he cannot hear or see, but his sensing (noted above) is much more powerful, and he can 'feel' sentient presences. If he is hit in rock form with enough force to do more than slightly chip the boulder, he reverts to human form for at least two hours.

This Felix journal is not Dark Dawn-compliant, and is unlikely to become so. The mun has spent several years worldbuilding on Weyard, in ways that sometimes conflict with the official view. There is a plot in the works that integrates several features of Dark Dawn's backstory, but this Felix's world is not the world presented in Dark Dawn.

Those who are curious about Felix's world may do well to investigate The Visitor's Guide to Weyard, a currently-in-progress compilation of my thoughts on how that world works.

Felix is munned by [personal profile] kd7sov.

Felix's mun supports Valeshipping (Isaac/Jenna) and Lighthouseshipping (Felix/Sheba). Felix himself grumbles about it being expressed so openly, but has no real objections.

Felix is from Golden Sun and Golden Sun:The Lost Age, and is the property of Nintendo and Camelot. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar and similar games, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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